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Channels of Communication

July 30th, 2010

These days communication is instant, easy and, more often than not, incessant.

Having a constant bombardment of communication means we tend to stop listening after a while. Social networking sites, bookmarking, email, SMS, IM’s, DM’s, PM’s…and whatever other acronyms there are out there.

And what happened to the phone? Has it been disregarded in favour of newer, flashier and more ‘up-to-the-minute’ technology? Why pick up the phone and call one person, when you can send a tweet and converse with thousands all within seconds?

It certainly seems like technology is leaning that way, however.

Gartner produced a report this month that stated: “voice is the most important real-time communication channel.”

But contact centres can be difficult. Most people will have their experiences of both good and bad interactions, yet it’s the unpleasant ones we remember and tell to others.

So which communication type to use? You lean one way, and risk alienating one target audience (those who don’t have Twitter for example). You learn another, and yep, you’ve guessed it, alienate another (those who don’t have a landline perhaps)!

An integrated strategy seems to be the only approach that will keep everyone happy. You have a website and email capabilities, social media tracking, a Bureau call centre on hand 24/7, people in stores for face-to-face contact, a permanent texter, and perhaps even a travelling salespersons who will randomly pitch up at customer’s addresses, ensuring that they are satisfied with your service.

Of course not every business has access to such comprehensive resources. So what do you do?

Well purchasing the best of breed solutions provider, CallScripter™, would be a start. Our integrated software is enabled to allow for multiple communication tools and aspects, and with our impeccable suite of reporting tools you can track and monitor KPIs, ROIs, MIs and any other acronyms you like.

Investors in People Success

July 9th, 2010

The staff and directors of IPPlus PLC are celebrating today as they have been awarded the prestigious Investors in People accreditation for the second consecutive term.

A varied cross-section of the staff within IPPlus was interviewed during the assessment, and the subsequent report produced demonstrated that this Suffolk-based company is ‘a great place to work.’

All three divisions of IPPlus; Ansaback, CallScripter and IP3 Telecom, fared extremely well in the report and it was noted that the feedback from this 2010 assessment was consistently more positive than previously.

A key factor which contributed to this conclusion is that the emphasis of the organisation is put on the strategy of developing individuals from within, and this is clearly illustrated by the fact that 87% of promotions happen internally.

The company ethos and culture is one that strives to maintain a balance between an unpressured approach, while also ensuring that the key targets and objectives are continually met.

In addition to this, the leadership style and overarching culture of the company is set from the very top by the Managing Director, who is viewed as being approachable and friendly towards every member of staff. Managers at all levels are encouraged to adopt a similar style and sit in open plan offices alongside their teams so they can be aware of what is happening; while encouraging and motivating their teams.

The various recognition and reward strategies that are in place within IPPlus are highly valued by staff, particularly those in the call centre. Examples include: being able to leave their workstations as necessary (often rigorously monitored in call centres), and assistance from other staff members if calls begin to back up (with even senior level management being known to lend a hand).

Stuart Gordon, Financial Director of IPPlus, commented: “Investors in People is a highly prestigious accreditation, and we are delighted to have been awarded the honour once again. Our company’s success is intrinsically linked to the staff and their dedication, and IPPlus’ commitment to our employees is a long-standing one which we will continue to nurture and develop.”