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Finalists for European Call Centre Awards

September 9th, 2010

CallScripter is delighted to announce that they have reached the finals of the European Call Centre Awards 2010. Nominated within the ‘Product of the Year’ category, CallScripter has been recognised for their innovative best of breed scripting solution.

A multitude of new integrations have been implemented throughout the 12 month period that forms the basis of the judging criteria, including:

  • The ability to use XML controls in the script; this has dramatically increased functionality available when pulling data from third party databases. The XML Select Control renders information (primarily returned from SQL statements) to the screen, using JavaScript so that there is no page refreshing. The details will appear as soon as the data is returned from SQL. Also, this allows for greater flexibility on how the data can be presented to the agents, grids, tables and even dynamic charts and graphs.
  • Full-functionality in numerous languages, making it suitable for international use. When multi-national implementations are required, the software will allow you to effortlessly run multilingual campaigns, meaning that agents can switch between languages automatically, and reporting can be done separately or across all languages used.
  • Additionally, the back end of the application itself is now based upon a language file that supports localisation in the following languages: UK English, Dutch, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and new for 2010, Hungarian.
  • In distributed contact centres that may span across many countries, back office users can also now localise CallScripter into their language from one central installation of the product.
  • The significantly enhanced layout, appearance and functionality will dramatically change the way users can build scripts, and make the agent experience that much more productive, and time-efficient.
  •  ‘Compound Controls’ have been introduced; this allows groups of controls to be joined into a single ‘compound control’ and added via a single click, for example, address and contact fields, making the controls more uniform, more predictable and more reliable.
  • The Awards take place on Tuesday 21st September, and although facing stiff competition in the form of six other finalists, fingers are crossed for a triumphant

CallScripter Launches New Release

September 2nd, 2010

CallScripter, the UK based contact centre solutions provider, is delighted to announce the launch of their latest best of breed scripting release: CallScripter 4.5.

Providing the contact centre front end solution of choice for a decade, CallScripter is confident that this latest version is the most effective, efficient and flexible to date.

With a wave of new integrations, including a refresh of Avaya Proactive Contact dialler; a new HSBC payment gateway; and the Constant Contact Email Marketing system, via an XML web service interface; CallScripter 4.5 is the most advanced next generational scripting tool available in the marketplace.

Following on from the multi-lingual translations within CallScripter 4.2 in 2009; a multi-language spell checker has been added to guarantee that any language scripts produced are of a high quality and entirely accurate.

Being able to calculate return on investment is a key purchase consideration for any organisation. Using CallScripter’s new productivity monitoring application, the agent time and activity log will show how staff spend their time; on which clients; the average call duration; and how productive they have been throughout their shifts.

The DXI dialer integration that CallScripter has undergone in the past eighteen months has been enhanced to offer time zone support and allows segments of a call list to be activated automatically based on a defined schedule.

By embedding the predictive dialer functionality within the CallScripter application, we can offer a unique blend of reporting that not only includes the statistical dialling information but further crucial business intelligence that is captured during the scripted process.

For example, in a sales environment, other vendors will show you how many calls the dialer has made, what your agent talk time is and even a high-level overview of outcomes. But CallScripter will additionally include reporting on the actual sales value of those calls, allowing you to understand which campaigns and agents are your most productive clearly.

CallScripter recognises the importance of brand recognition; and the desire for agent continuity. With this in mind, there is the introduction of personalised branding inside script templates and the agent desktop. Whether you require your branding, or differing ones for certain scripts, you can effortlessly upload and customise as you wish.

Overhauling the CallScripter shopping basket, the new simplistic interfaces for both agent and administrative users ensure that every process is straightforward with no room for error. Additional revenues can also be created per product via means of cross and up-sells, and with more flexible products reducing admin time; it means that agents can make the most of every selling opportunity.

The integration of a new third party product in CallScripter 4.5 will allow the Report Designer to support Word documents, in addition to the Rich Text Documents (RTF) currently available. This now makes the creation and formatting of documents much simpler and more time-effective as well as offering greater functionality.

Additional new components include: updated archiving capabilities (data can easily be removed to assist with the control of the database size, but can be stored offline rather than deleted in its entirety); agent messaging (the ability for named users to send pop up messages to individual CallScripter users and groups, or even broadcast to all) and the integration of SQL Server Reporting Services – SSRS – to substantially add to the reporting systems capability throughout CallScripter (All Management Information reports within CallScripter moves to SSRS, and a framework is now provided to enable clients to create their individual reports, without the complexity that was previously associated with this task.)

David Everett, CallScripter’s Commercial Director, said of the new release: “CallScripter is dedicated to achieving the best possible results from our software. Our team of developers are constantly exploring new trends and testing our ever-evolving product, always striving to make it better than before. And this process is never ending; due to the new technology that frequently emerges we change and adapt our software accordingly to encompass this.

“CallScripter 4.5 is a significant step forward for us, and we look forward to rolling it out on an international basis.”

CallScripter will be previewing their new software with live, interactive demos at the Call Centre Expo 2010, on Stand D12.