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Understanding the Future of the Customer Conversation

April 24th, 2012

CallScripter team is back in the UK after an exciting trip to the US and a well-organised and inspiring three days with Genesys in Seattle.

At this year’s partner event, the focus was on finding best practices on how to ‘Save the World from Bad Customer Service’ and creating new interesting conversations via a mobile platform, web chats, social networks and traditional communications channels. We’ve learnt the importance of engaging with the customer emotionally and proactively and make the communications process effortless by helping the consumer across channels, devices and time.

Today’s consumers demand a 360-degree approach from us as well as interaction simplicity, hence why it is vital for modern contact centres to invest in an interactive and multi-channel solution to deliver excellent customer service and support and increase customer loyalty.

Successful Interactions at ININPartner Event

April 19th, 2012

After arriving at a very cloudy Prague on Monday afternoon for the InIn Partner event, we were excited to see what the city had to offer. Beautiful architecture, picturesque trams, and lively atmosphere met us on our way in the taxi to the hotel. We could not wait to go out and experience it all. After checking into the hotel, we headed out to get a bite to eat. What could be better than a walk in the medieval Old Town spotting impressive and spectacular buildings of Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic styles which were surrounded by a range of interesting tiny shops and quintessential Czech bars and restaurants?

Next day and it was time for the event. These two days brought some interesting perspectives on innovation and CaaS and how social media is continuing to shift the way we interact. In the contact centre industry we need to be prepared to be there and then for our customers 24/7 and incorporate social platforms but yet excel and provide a better customer service via the traditional communications channels. With the rise of real-time interactions contact centres, today need to embrace the new emerging channels to achieve customer transparency and centricity. One presentation that stood out was the contact centre analyst Sheila McGee-Smith’s ‘Contact Center Market Update’. We got a 360-degree update and views on the current contact centre landscape and where the industry is going and how vendors and software providers can help to tackle the modern contact centre’s challenges. On top of this, CallScripter’s CTO, Geoff Forsyth, gave an insightful presentation on a hot topic, PCI DSS and how companies can use CIM systems to help achieve PCI compliance and avoid expensive data breaches.

We are now home in the UK, (must admit missing Prague already) looking back at these two days of the conference and we can loudly say that we are jubilant with how the event went. It was very well-organised with many cutting-edge presentations and a lot of networking opportunities to share ideas, knowledge and build up a network of industry professionals.