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Avaya Interview With CallScripter

September 17th, 2013

Avaya DevConnect talked with Ken Tracy, Technical Director at CallScripter, about the CallScripter agent scripting application and the fundamental shifts he foresees in the contact centre and communications industries.

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Posted by: Galina

Question #1 – What is the primary focus of your business?

CallScripter is an enhanced agent scripting application, designed for contact centres of all sizes. We pride ourselves on delivering market leading scripting technology, supported by expert services at an extremely competitive ROI and TCO. CallScripter has an extensive international client base which spans all industries and markets.

Question #2 – Tell me something about the history of your company.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Ipswich, United Kingdom, CallScripter’s evolvement was created in response to a need for our contact centre. For over ten years, CallScripter has been the agent scripting tool of choice for contact centres around the globe, allowing our customers to rapidly develop and deploy cross-channel campaigns while supporting open standards for ease of integration with third-party applications and telephony platforms.

Question #3 – What fundamental shifts do you see coming in the communications industry?

One thing we know is that technology will continue to change and develop and that organisations will continue to embrace new cost-efficient solutions to enhance the interactions between themselves and their customers.  Phone calls dominate today’s contact centre market and will continue to do so for some time, but a phone call may only be one part of a wider interaction, and the balance may shift to other means over time.

Nevertheless, organisations still need the ability to interact with customers in a cost-effective and traceable manner that can be effectively managed. There will be shifts to cheaper or better alternatives, but it will become increasingly important to ensure that methods to reduce cost do not limit the effectiveness of communication.  Poor IVR is an excellent example of what not to do!

Today’s customers expect assistance through a means convenient to them, and organisations are looking to get better value for money, so this will continue to widen the operational frontline of the communications industry into new areas.  It is important that these new fronts are built, monitored and managed as part of the overall communications infrastructure to ensure the organisation stays in control during this shift, and that the customer continues to be served well.

Question #4 – What technologies do you think will have the biggest impact in the next 5 or 10 years?

We believe products and services that can integrate and offer customers a SECURE and seamless customer experience will be a number one priority in the coming years.

Acceleration in the shift from premise to the cloud will happen and with this change, concerns over data protection and security will have to be addressed by both new legislation and technology.   As our online identities and payment systems are made more secure and reliable, consumers will choose to trust and use services which will offer the safe use of personal data and the ability to integrate transparently with other trustworthy applications.  The cloud is the perfect environment to begin to provide complete interoperability and develop platforms for the next generation of customer interactions.

The ability to be able to integrate with different platforms and applications will be fundamental as the market demands cross-platform communication to drive a better personal service, up–to-date and reliable consumer data, reduced cost and avoiding the risk of fraud.  The key is security, trust and interoperability.

Question #5 – What is the value of being a DevConnect Technology Partner? 

Avaya DevConnect program helps us to increase the credibility in the marketplace when selling alongside Avaya products.  The compliance testing process assures end users that CallScripter is compatible with the tested Avaya solutions and the rigorous independent testing carried out by DevConnect gives confidence to anyone considering installing CallScripter into their organisation.

Being a DevConnect Technology Partner also gives us access to joint marketing opportunities to help promote our solutions and services to both end users and Avaya’s business partners globally.

Question #6 – What is the most important thing you’d like our community to know about your company?

The CallScripter application has been developed as a result of need from our 200-seat in-house contact centre. The contact centre operation provides us with a complete live environment in which we can troubleshoot programmes while trialling our latest functionality developments, usability and releases; this helps us to fully appreciate the challenges our customers face and enables us to achieve breakthrough Innovation and anticipate new developments ahead of the competition.