CallScripter Predictive Dialling.

CallScripter Can’t Predict the Future, But it Can Predict the Next Call

CallScripter is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their complete contact centre management suite – predictive dialling.

CallScripter has firmly established themselves as the expert in providing simple, yet effective solutions to the industry. With CallScripter’s new predictive dialling functionality, today’s modern contact centres can ensure agent productivity is maximised, ensuring maximum ROI.

Up until now, CallScripter has only been able to offer preview dialling. However in expanding the outbound capabilities and campaign management tools, the introduction of predictive dial seemed a natural development. The module is completely integrated with the other intuitive CallScripter modules, with CallScripter rapidly becoming a one-stop shop for contact centres across all industries.

Several of CallScripter’s clients have already been enjoying the benefits of the new predictive dialling capabilities, reporting excellent results. Agent talk time has improved, but importantly abandoned call rates always remain within Ofcom guidelines, ensuring compliance. Clients already using CallScripter predictive dialling include those within the charity fundraising and outsourced telemarketing sectors.

Commenting on the announcement Kevin Ellis, Sales Director of CallScripter says “We are thrilled with the current developments and growth of our innovative software suite and the addition of predictive dialling seemed to be a natural progression.” He continues “We have been looking to introduce predictive dialling functionality for some time now, but we wanted to ensure the solution was seamlessly integrated with the rest of the application. By waiting and doing our homework, we believe we have come up with the perfect solution and the time is now right to introduce predictive dialling to the CallScripter family.”