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Using CIM Systems for First Contact Resolution

August 3rd, 2015

Managing a modern contact centre means grappling with several requirements that, at first sight, appear to be totally at odds with each other. For example, on the one hand, is contact centre efficiency; on the other is customer satisfaction.

Studies have shown that First Contact Resolution (FCR) is a significant metric that contact centres must measure. Increasing FCR rates provides three key benefits; customer satisfaction increases, operating costs decrease, and contact centre generated revenues increases.

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Using CIM Systems for Regulatory Compliance

July 28th, 2015

The list of rules and regulations covering contact centre operations seems to be continually growing, with potentially significant fines for any breaches that occur. Scripting has a major part to play in ensuring that your agents not only act the right way and say the ‘right thing’, but also allows management to produce compliance reports that demonstrate that adherence is being achieved.

Retaining customers’ personal financial details safely and securely is an onerous task. The major credit card companies have become so concerned about credit card theft that they have produced an international standard (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) that all organisations that handle credit card information must implement. This specification is complex (a 75-page requirements document and numerous supporting documents), and implementing it within the contact centre environment is a major project for any business.

While the Payment Card Industry (PCI) specifications are involved, Customer Interaction Management (CIM) systems can be used to help meet vital parts of these requirements.

This document presents an overview of the PCI standard and how modern CIM systems can be used to help achieve compliance.

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Current Trends in Customer Interaction Management Solutions

July 28th, 2015

Everyone can comprehend that managers need to get the optimum productivity from their contact centre staff. The most obvious thing to do seems to be ensuring they handle the maximum amount of calls per hour, or insist they run through calls quickly. Unfortunately, these requirements appear to be at odds with the ‘holy grail’ of customer service. Ensuring an excellent telephony experience for the caller – handling calls in a professional polite manner, having all the answers to their questions at the agents fingertips, dealing with problems efficiently and ‘up-selling’ that additional extra item.

So, how does one reconcile these two competing elements? Well, it is possible – the advances made in Customer Interaction Management (CIM) systems over the last few years have allowed contact centres to enhance the customer experience greatly while also increasing agent efficiency.

This document discusses this trend and looks at where the CIM market is going. Click on the link below to find out more.

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