Mark Group to Increase Agent Productivity

Following the successful implementation of CallScripter within their Leicester based contact centre, we asked Mark Group to tell us the story of how they came to choose CallScripter and how the application is benefiting their business.

We engaged with CallScripter following a detailed procurement process involving a number of suppliers following an identified business need to provide a technology solution to manage and maintain our outbound and inbound call activities. We were attracted to the CallScripter system over other vendors due to the software’s ease of use and speed of integration into our current operations.

The system has been an invaluable tool for Mark Group since its implementation in December 2013. It has allowed us to manage a multitude of outbound calling and marketing campaigns in an effective and dynamic way, many of which were done on tight timescales. As a software solution it provides a fully modular and customisable approach to script design which allows us to tailor each individual campaign around the customers we are targeting, ensuring our agents always have the most accurate and relevant data available to them when tackling the variety of activities we handle on a daily basis.

One year on the system has become a staple of day-to-day life within our contact centre environment. Its ease of management and the level of automation presence ensure the system requires minimal time investment on daily configuration, but provides the maximum level of return on investment. This includes everything from detailed agent and campaign level metrics and scheduled management information reporting, to processing of large quantities of customer information in a fluid and easy to use way, for even the technically unconfident users.

Having spent the last year working closely with the team at CallScripter to maximise the benefit and its integration potential with other software such as our telephony infrastructure and CRM based platforms, I cannot speak highly enough of the support and guidance provided.

We are gaining a greater understanding of the potential of the system to support our business and I look forward to seeing what new challenges we can overcome with the use of CallScripter in the future.

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Cassie Booth, Senior Marketing Manager
0116 236 6523

About Mark Group
Mark Group is an international company which began insulating homes back in 1974. Today the Group helps over 7,000 buildings become more energy efficient every week from over 30 worldwide locations.  Its services are tailored for individual homeowners, as well as builders, architects, local authorities, government bodies and commercial developers.  Grants are available to many homeowners and Mark Group’s dedicated team of surveyors and installers provide expert advice, service and customer care in helping homeowners access funds.

 About CallScripter
CallScripter is dramatically increasing contact centre business performance by ensuring agents provide a consistent customer experience at all times. Delivering the most advanced agent scripting application worldwide, CallScripter enables contact centres to reduce cost, adhere to compliance regulations and improve efficiency for a holistic customer journey across all touchpoints.