Ofcom Announce New ‘Silent Calls’ Rules

Ofcom has amended their ruling on ‘Silent Calls’ in response to the increasing number of complaints received from the public.

The industry watchdog determined that many ‘Silent Calls’ are the result of increased use of dialer solutions with AMD feature(Answer Machine Detect) enabled. It is understood that this functionality is disconnecting calls in error, on legitimately reached prospects with growing frequency.

In response to the announcement from Ofcom, CallScripter implemented the following measures with immediate effect in conjunction with our partner DXI Easycall.

(1) All outbound queues have been updated to have a minimum retry time of 16 hours for Dialer Detected Answer Machine outcomes (code 102), this is to ensure a record will not be called more than once on an average day, but that it won’t miss the following day if the record had been called right at the end of the day.

(2) The automated data recycling code have been changed to exclude these files from recycling.

It is still possible to alter the setting to any value if the queue should be exempt from this regulation, for example, overseas markets or certain types of “opt-in” datasets.